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My Story

Have you ever felt discontent, not happy, and not sure why?  Ever felt like there is more to life than what you are living?

That’s how I felt.  I wasn’t just discontent, I was miserable.  I was putting in so much effort, but without a clear goal, withouta team or with a team that was working against me.I felt, at times, hopeless, like I might work myself to death and never get where I wanted to go.I didn’t have a clearly defined goal of where I wanted to go.I didn’t know what I wanted, but I did know that what I was doing, how I was living, needed to stop.  I hated my life.

My marriage split up and I got a divorce.  I kept our family HVAC business going for a couple of years because I needed to support my kids and pay off debts, but it really wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life..  That was my husband’s dream.I moved back to my hometown.  I thought it would be easier to start over there, but it wasn’t.

I had no job, no credit, no money, and nothing to put on a resume since I had worked in our family business for about a decade.I applied to every accounting job with no luck.  I applied to every office job I could find and at many places that weren’t hiring.  I ended up doing some freelance bookkeeping that didn’t pay much.  I put up flyers for housekeeping.  I got a call.  One call.  I started working for a single woman doing everything she needed to have done.  I started with housekeeping, then I did grocery shopping, lawn mowing, and I even installed hardwood flooring.  I painted, I cleaned, and I hauled trash.  It was the first time I’d ever used a lawnmower.  I ran over all sorts of things.

I got a part time job at a grocery store that I absolutely hated.  I got licensed for Life Insurance and then Personal Lines. I didn’t like that either.I got a job for seasonal tax help.  I had been in accounting for many years.  I worked there seasonally for 3 years.  I did a great job and was given more responsibility.

Then, on a whim, I called someone that I didn’t know and asked her if she would entertain the idea of selling her accounting firm.  She said yes.I had owned other businesses before with and without a partner, but I couldn’t seem to get past a certain point.   Was always struggling financially to do better than just “getting by”.

In 2010 I was asleep, a person reacting instead of shaping my life the way I wanted it to be.  I wandered around somewhat aimlessly.  Any goal I had was mediocre and not based on what I wanted; it was all based on what I thought I could get. .I spent most of my life living in a victim sort of mentality, blaming others for what happened to me.  I believed that things just happen.  I never imagined the power I have, the power we all have, to live the lives we want.

I grew up in a large family, my parents divorced when I was young.  We never had any money and always struggled.  I learned from a young age that “money doesn’t grow on trees”, and if you worked really hard you could survive.I worked hard all my life, but never seemed to get ahead.  Something was always stopping me from even getting to the point where I could pay all of my bills on time.  I always felt lost and didn’t know what I wanted to do.  I bumbled through life from one thing that I didn’t want to do to another thing that I didn’t want to do.  All the time believing that I had to work hard and do what I had to do.  That’s what I’d been taught.

I always had an interest in business and never seemed to be interested in a job for very long.  I had good ideas, so I thought, and wanted to use them.  I had a lot of hard years, years of misery and despair.  I was afraid a lot.  I was terrified of the unknown, of taking steps by myself.  My standards were very low.I’m not exactly sure what happened, but after attending a seminar I seemed to get a little spark and started to feel like I could do something to change my circumstances. I had a direction again. .  I had always been very ambitious, but I was afraid and depended on a partner for emotional support.  I began to realize that I could support my family and fix my house, and pay for my house, myself because I was doing it.

I was able to change my processes and my mindset and break through that invisible barrier that held me back from having the life I knew I wanted..

I started reading books that helped me to change my perspective and my beliefs and ultimately my life.  In four years I adapted all that I had learned into a concise program that I follow.  In those four years I went from living in a dilapidated old house that I was remodeling and working part-time and seasonal jobs to owning a thriving business and several rental properties.It started off slow, but then picked up momentum.  I moved out of the house I was working on and was able to put myself in a much nicer place, then a nicer place, and a nicer place after that.  I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, pushed past my fear, dared to imagine what was possible for me and then things started to click.  It got easier and faster.  I stopped getting in my own way.  My confidence improved.As I grew and progressed, I could feel that I was leaving my old life behind, that my life would never be the same.

After the first year, I bought myself a new truck.

I took my daughters on vacation.

For my birthday, I spent 2 weeks in Puerto Vallerta

After three years, I bought my mom a new car.

In just over 4 years, I bought my dream car.

The list goes on and on. But why am I showing you this? Because you can do it too. When you know the right things to do, it doesn't take long to make huge changes. I have laid out a plan to follow. Some of this may not be easy, but it will be worth it. Take this journey with me. Leave behind the struggle, the pain, worry, fear, and anger. Accept a new life that is meant for you. You really can be, do, and have ANYTHING that you want in life. You just have to ask.